In case you were wondering, the Earth is indeed spinning as evidenced by this 30 minute exposure I took in Joshua Tree last week. Even when we are still we are always in motion. Take a moment to enjoy the ride. #nofilter #film #latergram

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Ben Warfield - Echoes Down the Corridors of Time

Even tho Ben is one of my dearest friends, I’ve been begging him to produce some of his trippy Carl Sagan-inspired music for public consumption for years. That day has finally come, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

The crew behind Philly’s excellent Data Garden is more an art project than a label. They explain:

A man of two worlds, Ben Warfield contributes to scientific research studying the biological effects of light on humans while pursuing the larger questions raised by those scientific journeys in the form of music and imagery. He strives to create crystalline compositional spaces to be inhabited by the listener.

When not writing NASA grants or tweaking monochromatic filters at the Light Research Lab in Philadelphia, Warfield can be found recording songs, editing videos for his projections, or wandering out into the night – shooting long-exposure photographs of terrestrial and astronomical phenomena.

Songs of Light and Dust LP comes out on January 21st. 


More good stuff from Philly’s own Data Garden.

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Free #velvet painting. I’m saying goodbye to the #DavidLynch zone. Call it.

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Happy New Year #film #nofilter #fireworks

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Malim – Batak

This jam…

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Working on some new jams and visuals. No better way to spend a snowy Sunday night. #DeepZones

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Today, I guest lectured at UArts and showed YouTube videos of early interactive technology. #dreamjob @datagrdn

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A Message, Perhaps

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Forgotten Horizons will be revealed on Sunday evening, December 1.

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